Final Presentation!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your final project!! I love it:)
    Im planing to submit my individual project not to write on papers. Instead, I'd like to use Plezi!! I wish I can have a great presentation like you did in front of class. But, Im such a chicken person. I could not do it...anyways. Your project is helpful for mine;) I had not been familiar with Japanese DJ. but now I'm interest in it!! Thank you!

  2. @Tomomi: I'm glad you enjoyed it & that my presentation sparked a new interest for you! =) I know how you feel about presentations- even when I know the topic, I get really nervous, but as long as I remind myself that it's just school (and not to 野田内閣 or anything), I can keep my cool (most of the time, haha). If you do make a Prezi of your final project, I'd love to see it!