Final official ds106 post -Beware The Pickpocket

So this is my final official ds106 post! Sad day, ladies and gents, a very sad day indeed.

I chose to do the SuperHero - SuperVillain your friends assignment and, using a rather fantastic picture of one of my friends (for whom this assignment is all too perfect), combined with photoshopping and a fantastic mask, I managed to create The Pickpocket!

This is my friend Toshi - we "work" together for our friends' band ORBit doing filming & photography. However, Toshi isn't exactly what I'd call normal. Not only is he insanely into ヴィジュアル系 , he's also a closet kleptomaniac (I tried explaining kleptomania to him once- he took two of my rings, put them on his own hand and walked away with a gigantic smile on his face). This, combined with his constant, rather snarky attitude, has led us (other band staff/friends of mine and myself) to call him, "brat". However, I felt that, as a super-villain, he would be a better pickpocket, seeing as he enjoys stealing things & he would love the attention that pickpockets get. So may I present to you The Pickpocket:

Keep an eye on your wallets & valuables, folks!


  1. Very scary, I better watch my belongings, haha.
    Very cool super villain, I like the choice of mask you gave your friend.

  2. hahaha perfect picture to describe his personality!! It has more persuasiveness than just reading this post :)

    Hope you guys still are good friends ;)

    Good Work Erin!!!!

  3. @Mayumi: Haha, yeah, always best to keep your wits about you with this one about! And thanks! The lighting is a bit off, though!

    @Mika: Thank you, haha. We are! We kind of have to be since we work together doing similar things for our friends' band.