I think this will just be the "Erin Nerds Out" series of works...

Decided to go for a classic demotivational poster this time. 

I would have done one of a friend of mine, but the rather unflattering pictures of her I have on hand are just a bit too...Yeah. Maybe a derp face would be more appropriate, but she makes those naturally, so I'd have to call it the anti-derp, haha.


Font is a Mac default, Hoefler Text


  1. I love me some Captain Kirk as well, and I think freud would have had a man crush on him like everyone else!

  2. How can you not love Kirk? (Unless of course, you're a Klingon.)

  3. Kirk was awesome, indeed. But I think Shatner's been on a downhill slide since T.J. Hooker.

    This poster should be on a wall somewhere. Very good demotivation. :)

  4. Now that he's doing the CBS version of S&*t My Dad Says, I think he's hit rock bottom.

    I can print a copy out for you as an end-of-semester present!