The Girl Who Wanted to Be...

An Alien! (Not that this isn't the case already, seeing as I carry around an "Alien Registration Card" at all times.)

Took a page out of William's (mome) book and did a self-portrait recolor!

The Blue Alien Girl with Pointy Teeth:


Nails by a friend, Nevertoomuchglitter on Etsy.


  1. lol I thought the title sounded eerily similar!

    ..and speaking of eerie, that's one hella freaky (awesome) colour switch! :D

  2. Haha, thank you for the inspiration. =)

    Thanks! Switching to an odd color is really easy if you wash yourself out (or in my case, are washed out to begin with), haha.

  3. ooooooOOOH. Nice work. How did you do it?

  4. Thank you! If you use photoshop, open a picture, use "select all" (Ctrl + A or Command + A on a Mac), then copy it, open a new image and paste the copied image into that (then go to image -> image size and set the dpi/ppi to 300, then (depending on your version of PS) go to edit (or image->mode)-> assign profile and assign it to Adobe RGB (1998) (This is a personal preference of mine, you don't have to do this). Once you have this done, tweak the levels in your image a bit so the person/people you'll be recoloring are a bit lighter than they'd normally be.
    Once you have them lightened up, create a new layer. Select the quick mask tool (it's at the bottom of the toolbar on the left hand side of your screen)and, using the paintbrush on foreground color black, paint over the areas you want to make colored. Once you have the areas you want selected (they'll be red), return to normal editing mode. The areas you've "painted" will turn to a selection into which you can pour (using paint bucket or paint brush, your choice) the color of your choice. Once this has been done, go to the layers palette and select the drop down menu that says "Normal"- Change this to "Color" and adjust the opacity to your liking. If there's any leftover color outside of the area you selected, just use the eraser tool & erase it!

    For the black eyes, the same concept applies, but you're going to make two layers of the black- leave the top one normal. The layer underneath that, go into filter -> blur-> gaussian blur and adjust it so that the area around the eyes is dark (like it would be if there were two gigantic, black eyeballs there). When you're done with that, create a new layer on top of the "Normal" black eyes layer and, using your brush tool at a soft, small pixel size, use white and create highlights in appropriate areas of the eyes, then use the gaussian blur at about 1~1.3 pixels to make them a bit softer (I've put up a revised Alien! picture with the eye highlights).

    For the pointy teeth, return to your original picture and use the lasso tool to select the canine teeth, then copy them and adjust them down or up (plus erasing)to make fang like teeth. Feel free to use the dodge tool to give yourself a bit of cosmetic surgery, too.

    If you have any questions on anything, just leave a comment here or find me on twitter (@Carroll_TUJ)! Good luck!

  5. I think someone's got their Halloween costume all thought out :P

  6. Haha, actually I don't. =( Not even sure what I'll be doing this year.

  7. You've got a great read on all of these ds106 assignments you've tackled. It just keeps getting awesomer.

    Can't wait to see what comes next!!

    An interesting story to hear, perhaps in a blog post, would be how you became so skilled in Photoshop. You're like an alien wizard with the software.

  8. Haha, thank you!

    I just read lots and lots of tutorials in high school and experimented with them...No real "training" with a wizard or alien abductions & skill implantation (I'm really tired, forgive the Mulder-esque response, haha.)