First minimalist travel poster!

So in case we've missed the red flags, I'm a gigantic nerd.

On that subject, my favorite book/movie series is the Harry Potter series. But even though I'm not a fan of the dark side, I made a minimalist travel poster depicting one of the main locations where dark magic tends to take place. First attempt at doing this also made me realize that I need a tablet if I want to draw things. A Magic Mouse is nice, but doesn't let me draw EXACTLY what I want.

Font: DAFont.com


  1. Admittedly I wish I new more of the story of Harry Potter to better understand the context, but you described it well and it's a great piece of design.

    Besides your magic mouse, what tools are you using to create your work. I'd love to know more about your process.

  2. Thank you! The only things I used for this are photoshop, my mind & a magic mouse!

  3. This is a stunning poster - as MBS mentioned, your description is very detailed. Though it appears minimalist, it is clear that much effort and complexity were involved in producing this.

    I'm most struck by the 3D effect of the "lighting" - all I can say is WOW!!

  4. Thank you! ^^

    The shadow effect you see on it is fairly easy to achieve in photoshop! Maybe we should have a PS Tutorial day and I can show you the gazillion ways I do things!