So, a blog post. About pop culture and my computer being on the fritz for the zillionth time.

Pop culture, by definition, is popular or mainstream cultural items/styles/people/music/etc. For instance, pop music would fall under pop culture, as would facebook, twitter, Louis Vuitton bags and the like. It's honestly rather silly to have pop culture because there will always be people who do not agree with it or know about it, but on the other hand, there will always be people who obsess over it like it's the second coming of Christ or some equally silly nonsense. (I'm quite sorry if this post is seething with my rage- my trackpad is being fussy and my mouse isn't working properly, so I must slam down on it in order to do anything, which agitates my father and makes life a living hell.)

Anyhow, pop culture using social media. In Japan, most people know who m-flo have at least some knowledge of TCY Radio or TCY Recordings. Both TCY Radio & Recordings use a variety of social media (Both Recordings and Radio have facebook pages, twitter accounts, mixlr & soundcloud accounts for Radio and label artists and members of TCY Recordings have individual accounts.)

Now to try and NOT beat my MacBook to death...


  1. Thanks for the links to the current pop culture in Japan, I've never heard of that. But then again I'm an old man and just can't find any interest in most pop culture :-/ totally feeling you on the computer thing ;)

  2. Thanks for battling through the computer problems to get this post together. I can relate to your father's agitation. This past weekend, the MacBookPro I handed down to my daughters fatally crashed.

    It is now a non-working hunk of metal and plastic.

    It used to a piece of pop culture, perhaps. Now it is just a brick.

  3. Awesome post :) In speaking of M-Flo, that was the first Japanese music that I listened to when I was learning Japanese! I used to get the lyrics and sing along...M-flo is actually great when you wanna practice your pronunciation :)