"No, I'm from Iowa- I only work in outer space."

So I'm horrible at blogging. Blogs, like shrinks, force me to talk about my daily life, emotions and ideas, which I really detest. But this is all irrelevant.

This morning, one of my twitter friends from my personal account posted this - it reminded me of Bush's ideas of what technology would become in the future (Source @JSNBRTZ).

On the topic of the homework for class- I came across the Doug Engelbart Institute (founded by his daughter, with the idea of moving forward towards his ideas). His idea of increasing the collective IQ of society is rather interesting- however, it seems that, because of the advance in technology since Engelbart's days, society's collective IQ has decreased (also through @JSNBRTZ) (problem solving and answers to questions can all be found online, rather than by thinking things through or pondering over ideas/concepts by oneself). I also feel that if Engelbart  could see the advances the mouse has made since he created it (like the Magic Mouse and its cousin the Magic Trackpad), he would be impressed, to say the least. (I also ran across a timeline of his life, which provided other relevant events that happened throughout his life.) Nelson, unfortunately, was far less interesting to me, aside from being the provider of the terminology for my in-blog links.